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Colomba Pasquale

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Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove" in English) is an Easter counterpart of the two well known Italian Christmas desserts, Panettone and Pandoro.

The dough for the Colomba is made in a similar manner, with flour, eggs, sugar, natural yeast and butter, but usually only contains candied peel and no raisins (unlike panettone).
Here's how we, at Antica Pasticceria Sieni, realize this traditional cake.


The Ingredients















              Low-fat powder milk








Once you mixed everthing together, put some eggs into a pan:



then add the dough you just prepared as shown:



 put flour, and candied peel at will, then mix everything to get the result shown:



Now, you're ready to make the Colomba! You use a mold like the ones in picture:



Create then two spheres and a long shaped part and position them as shown:



Almost there!iNow, keep the newborn Colomba warm and wait until it becomes as shown:



Now the master's note:prepare the icing with sugar and egg whites, and top the Colomba as shown:



then put some sliced almonds on.
Ready to put in the oven!

We'll noticed that the icing will get solid and the Colomba will expand a little and cook.


Off the oven, and after a few hours where it cools down and get all the flavours, it's ready to eat!!


Happy Easter!






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